Focus on the kids suffer from the Nyctophobia
Finding the wellbeing in darkness

According to sociological research, 40% of adults suffer from specific fear of darkness, commonly known as “ Nyctophobia (fear of darkness)”, which comes into being as a consequence of life in childhood
In fact, 80% of children are afraid of darkness, therefore, this design is concerned about children with fear of darkness

Base on the methodology of “Design for well-being” , Taking such a gap question as children’s fear of darkness as the design object, this design studies children’s spontaneous behavior to relieve the fear of darkness, digs out its essential inner needs, and takes it as the design inspiration. This product enables children to experience actively, and it features bringing company and light to children and giving them a sense of security in darkness as the design experience elements.

Methodology of ” Design for well-being “

This product can move freely to light the way ahead in the dark space on demand, just like a little jellyfish roaming in the deep sea. The children can not only fall asleep with jellyfish held in their arms as a toy, but also wake up the jellyfish through speech to light up the night. Moreover, the jellyfish can float above the ground automatically and move to the designated place according to the owner’s order

It is a light companion designed for children suffered from “Nyctophobia” Based on magnetic suspension and speech interactive technology, this product realizes voice awakening, suspension movement, intelligent guide, warm accompany and other emotional interactive functions, so as to enhance children’s sense of security and happiness in darkness

A product based on the technology of vocal interaction and maglev, aims to become a moving lighting companion for kids in the future