Bubbella – GOOGLE MEET ITALIAN DESIGN – Domus Academy Design malathion

Bubbella is a lamp designed for holding a google device inside the living space so that they blend into user’s lifestyle. With Google Home Mini, Bubbella is a lighthearted friend and a daily reminder of beauty and blessed moments in life. It is the light helper.

Bubbella, a beautiful bubble, is a poetic metaphor designed to inspire positive emotions and sheer joy. Inspired by universally beloved bubbles, Bubbella turns the ephemeral and delicate token of happiness into a tangible and long-lasting art piece.

Being first and foremost a lamp, Bubbella hosts Google Home Mini in the center, implementing all its functions in an amicable manner, offering assistance to users in the living space. The dynamic shape of the lampshade by Kartell, capturing the most aesthetic moment of a floating bubble in mid air.